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It was the first semester of my freshman year at Rutgers University when I met my girlfriend (now wife!), Arabelle. Flash forward to graduation day and Arabelle had committed to becoming a dental student at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (now part of Rutgers). As for me, I was out of gas and on the brink of a meltdown. For the two years leading up to graduation day I worked 30 hours a week as a financial analyst, catered parties and weddings on the weekends, and ambitiously triple majored in finance, economics, and management. Note to self: Life is a marathon, not a sprint! Instead of doubling down on the path I was pursuing, I began questioning everything I knew, pivoted, and decided it was time for a detour. Suffice it to say, the first few years that followed graduation were slightly alternative yet incredibly formative.


First, in an effort to bypass the impending existential crisis, I was in the fortunate position to quit my analyst job and embark on a journey. What was supposed to be a short backpacking trip ended up spanning just under a year after I learned that I could offer my physical labor on organic farms and grassroot sustainability projects in exchange for room and board. Midway through the trip I met an older Costa Rican coffee farmer who became an influential figure in shaping the lens through which I view the world. A man that seemed immune to life’s stresses, he shared a simple quote: “un dia mas, un dia menos” or, “one day more, one day less.” This basic philosophy lit a spark for me. Upon my return home, I promised myself to lead a life of contentment, to live in the present, and to value my WORK as opposed to my JOB. The pursuit of finding a way to apply my unique gifts and skills to help others became a guiding light.


My reentry into the professional world appropriately began at the social enterprise firm TerraCycle. With the mission of recycling traditionally non-recyclable waste, I managed US business development efforts and drove negotiations with the world’s largest consumer packaged goods conglomerates (i.e. Nestle, Procter & Gamble, Unilever etc.). While investing and retirement planning had long been personal passions of mine, I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed it as a potential career until my TerraCycle colleagues began regularly tapping into me with their 401k and employee benefit questions. The itch to explore a career in financial planning continued to grow until becoming insatiable, it was time for me to switch gears.


The following five years were dedicated to learning the art and science of comprehensive financial planning: first with the ultra high net worth clients at Ayco, the private wealth management group of Goldman Sachs, and later at a top ranked fee-only planning firm here in New Jersey. It did not take long to realize how fitting this work was; my gifts and skills had found an outlet.


Today, as a founder of wHealth Advisors, I find immense fulfillment in knowing that we use our platform as a force for good. While donating a portion of our profits and offering pro-bono services to those in need is something I’m incredibly proud of, these commitments would not be possible without our most valuable asset – our clients. My life’s mission has been dedicated to helping clients live their best, most fulfilling lives by doing what I know and love: comprehensive financial planning. I am excited to meet you and look forward to the opportunity of working together on YOUR journey to financial independence!

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