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  • Money affects every aspect of our lives. It influences our financial circumstances but also our relationships with friends, business associates and our family.
  • When the stock market fell yesterday, the financial news blared about falling rates and trouble in bonds. Yet it was a spectacular day for bonds! [More] (Feed generated with FetchRSS )
  • My father and his wife moved into a CCRC last year and in no way feel they have moved into a nursing home. Instead, they would say it is closer to a cross between a college campus and a country club. He was recently featured in the 2.5 minute video (above) for their community (Garden Spot Village) to show the under-represented side to CCRCs: the youthful, adventurous, and active side experienced by many of the physically active residents.
  • Naming the beneficiaries of your 401(k), IRA, or life insurance policy may appear pretty straight forward, but there is one important nuance that should be strongly considered and may result in your estate not passing to the individuals you desire.
  • A primary financial goal for most people is to retire comfortably. We look forward to the opportunity to relax, pursue new hobbies, travel and spend time with friends and family. To improve your chances of having a financially worry-free retirement avoid the following pit-falls.